On the Horizon

The Campus Web Solutions team is continuously working on improvements to the Drupal offering. The following list is a guide to what is "On the Horizon". Please note that release dates are tentative as new projects and other issues arise. The team has to fully test new modules and changes to make sure everything works as intended. This can be an extensive, lengthy process. Drupal sprint releases are scheduled once per month, typically on the 1st or 2nd Saturday of the month. 

Items last updated: April 2021

Item Estimated Release Type Teams Description
Accessibility Fixes (default profile) Ongoing global change UComm (color guidance) Campus Web Solutions Fix color contrast issues, labels, aria roles, everything specific to the template
SEO updates Ongoing global change UComm & Campus Web Solutions Any SEO changes that need to be done on the template level
Editors without access to Block Layout Save April 2021 global change Campus Web Solutions Removal of the "Save" option under Block Layout for editors. This will prevent editors from unintentionally disabling all blocks.
Brand Update (phase 2) Spring 2021 global change UComm & Campus Web Solutions Finalizing the last elements of the template to be new brand compliant
Boxes 2021 enhancement UComm (design) & Campus Web Solutions Div box styles (similar to notabene, box a, box b, etc. in OU sites) that affect specific text in the WYSIWYG editor
Additional Permissions 2021 enhancement Campus Web Solutions Create additional roles based on permission (menus, blocks, taxonomy, flush cache, etc.)
Automatic Backups 2021 external Campus Web Solutions schedule automatic backups at different intervals; 1-7 days, 2 weeks, 1 month
LB: In place editing researching enhancement Drupal Community Use of "pencil" icons in view mode to edit blocks
LB: Inline vs Global researching enhancement Drupal Community Ability to use the Layout Builder tool to create block and select whether they are inline vs. global at the time of creation
Lazy Load evaluating module Campus Web Solutions Lazy Load images
Emergency Notification System Integration evaluating external Campus Web Solutions, UComm, OEM ability to automatically integrate ENS messages across all Drupal websites
Events Content Type re-haul evaluating enhancement Campus Web Solutions, UComm Reevaluate the Events content type to be more dynamic and have other options (such as calendar view)
Link Images May 2021 enhancement Campus Web Solutions A way to link images to pages or files without using source code
Bulk Redirect Import researching  module Campus Web Solutions Bulk importing redirects rather than manually adding them one by one

Past Milestones:

  • brand update (summer 2020)
  • file categorization module (October 2020)
  • featured item block
  • Article Content Type overhaul
  • articles and feeds preview block
  • layout builder integration
  • meganav categorization and integration with main menu navigation
  • password protected pages