Panelizer to Layout Builder

Switching from Panelizer to Layout Builder

Layout Builder will be available to use starting August's release on old and new sites. New sites should be created using the modified template site that will have Layout Builder enabled and the Panels Dashboard (Panelizer) removed. Current sites can transition from Panelizer to Layout Builder at any time.  

Prep Work for Existing Sites

For sites created before August 3rd 2019, please see the following information.

IMPORTANT: Contact ITS Campus Web Solutions to first place all "body" content on your pages before you begin moving your other blocks over. Having an admin go in and prep the body content will remove the placeholder section that is not editable or draggable. Also, and future basic pages created will then already have this section removed. 

Use the "Layout" tab to replace blocks on each page, effectively replicating the look desired using Layout Builder. The blocks that should be replaced are ones that were only placed using Panelizer. The space for the "body" content will be there if you contacted ITS to do the body content placement. Blocks that were placed using Block Layout will not need to be replaced. 

The Panels Dashboard will take precedent while building out blocks using Layout Builder. When placing blocks using the "Layout" tab, it will only display in that tab for editors and site builders. Layout Builder and Panels can live simultaneously until all page blocks have been replicated.  

Remember, you do not want the section with the non-perforated add block area to exist on any of your basic pages. This will complicate things later. Contact ITS Campus Web Solutions to place body content appropriately. If you see that these sections exist, remove them from your page by clicking on the "x". 

displays what is needed to be removed from layout


Site owners should fill out the Campus Web Solutions Service Request when ready to switch from Panels to Layout Builder.  Select "Content Management System" as the primary category, "Drupal/Acquia" as application service, "Additional Configurations" for the Drupal service and "other" in configuration options. Please provide your site URL and state that it is ready to have the Panels Dashboard turned off so that Layout Builder's placements will be live.

Campus Web Solutions service request for switching to Layout Builder