The New CMS Offering at UCR

New Website Service

As of January 2018, a new content management system platform is being deployed. Information Technology Solutions and University Communications have partnered to bring Drupal and Acquia's Site Factory service to campus. This new platform seeks to provide a more robust, feature-rich, easy-to-use web solution to eligible sites across campus. Read more about the on-boarding process and what this means for your existing sites.

Request a Site


There is a new on-boarding and oversight process when requesting a site that involves a Site Factory Manager. Once the request form is sent off, it will go through the approval process and a development site will be created. 

Request a Site

Training Sessions

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There are several in-person training sessions available starting January 23rd. Reserve your spot in one of the sessions. Space is limited. Beginning in February, these trainings will also be available via Zoom. 

Sign-up for Training

Site Factory Managers


Site Factory Managers oversee their organization's websites. They are essentially the key-holders to granting site requests and assist in the orchestration of implementation. 

Site Factory Managers