What is the new offering?

Acquia Cloud Site Factory running on Drupal is Information Technology Solution's content management system offering for campus. For over 10 years, Omni Update was C&C's official provider. The new content management system offering is based on the Drupal 8 software and is hosted on the Acquia Cloud Site Factory service. 


  • Free to use service
  • A variety of content types
  • Group manager controlled user accounts with various roles
  • Ability to update global site settings from the CMS
  • Separate Site Factory interface for Site Managers 

What's Included? 

There is a standard "profile" that bundles functionality and theming. This "profile" is provided to the campus as the Drupal website template. This template is created per University Advancement branding guidelines.

  • Header 

    • Standard UCR Logo to left of site title
    • Site title can be edited by a site builder (title has a standard font size, weight, and color) 
    • Parent organization displayed in all caps above site title
    • Optional audience links on the top right 
    • Google custom search (searches all of UCR's subdomains) 
  • Footer
    • Site builder can adjust 1, 2, 3, or 4 column footer
    • UCR basic information is mandatory, other elements can be removed from footer
    • Color and background are standard per design
  • Content Types: these are what are used to create pages
    • Basic Page - used for any type of content and can be displayed in a number of different layouts (1 column, there are multiple 2 and 3 column layouts to choose from)
    • Articles - used for blogs, news stories, and press releases, auto creates an articles listing and optionally can place a teaser of blogs, press-releases, or news stories, on any basic page
    • Events - used for event listings, auto creates an events listing page and optionally can place a teaser of events on any basic page
    • People Profiles - used to create profiles for people, auto creates a profile listing page
    • Local Galleria - used for image gallery pages
  • Custom Blocks: these are components that can be added to basic pages
    • Accordions
    • Basic blocks (WYWISWYG editors)
    • Bubble grids
    • Carousel sliders
    • Expanding card grids
    • Info card grids
    • Local galleria previews
    • Tabs
    • Teaser callouts
  • Forms - create a basic contact form

Here is a Sample Site of the offering. 

How it Works  

  1. Review the policies and details of the service
  2. Verify that your site is eligible for inclusion
  3. Check to see who is listed as your unit's Site Factory Manager 
  4. Familiarize yourself with training documentation
  5. Submit the site request form

Once the site request form has been submitted, it will undergo an approval process by the Site Factory Manager and ITS. A site, if approved, will have a development URL until ready to launch. This will be true for existing sites that need to transfer to the new platform and for completely new sites. When the site is available, roles will be assigned as requested, and you will be notified of your site and will be able to edit. 

What about my existing OU site?

Your site will not "go away", "disappear", or magically transfer over to Drupal one day. 

The contract for UCR's main CMS, Omni Update Campus, is scheduled to expire on June 30th, 2019. All UCR sites built within OU should plan to transition to the new Drupal CMS before that date. Sites built in Omni Update that do not meet the transition deadline will continue to exist, but will no longer be supported after June 30th, 2019. 

Please request a site in the Drupal platform. There is a new oversight process the request will undergo that includes involvement of the Site Factory Manger. The Drupal site will have a temporary development URL until ready to launch. There is no migration tool to automatically move your content. It is the responsibility of the content providers of the website (contributors, editors, and builders) to develop the new site. When it is ready to launch, ITS will need to be notified so that a DNS change can be made. The old OU site at that point will no longer be accessible.