Known Issues

Bugs and other Weirdness!

Is something weird going on? Have you found a bug? Please let us know by opening an incident at Service Link under Software & Applications, sub-category, Campus Websites. 

Please see our Blog and Change-logs for updates.

Known Bugs

Breadcrumbs issue - text not aligning correctly on breadcrumbs: latest version of Chrome has a bug rendering elements with the top attribute. See link:

Quick Edit does not work with Layout Builder. CWS team is watching this project -

Campus Web Solutions is working on the following issues for a future release:

  • Overflow of background image for hero videos at certain screen sizes (tablet view)
  • Adding code through source in accordion - code only kept in last edited accordion 
  • MegaNav sticky changes position of anchor link
  • Mobile menu scroll for CNAS does not display all items
  • "Open in New Window" stays checked 
  • Events teaser right align button is not positioned correctly
  • Video popup in CTA has no "x" to close video

Workarounds for Known Issues

Carousel Sliders for Hero and Content

Multiple carousels will work on the same page. However, they all need to have multiple images. If one of the carousel sliders is only displaying one image, where the one below is displaying multiple, the "dots" and slider navigation will be controlled in the top most slider for the one below. To prevent this, do not use a carousel slider when you only want one image. If you are using a carousel slider as a hero slider but only have one image, use instead the Head Image and Title block or the "Header Options" on basic pages. 

Linking images

Cannot link an image once it has been placed with the media (star) icon? Drupal is changing your image into a Drupal entity. Here is a workaround for now:

  1. Upload image file through Content -> Add Media
  2. Copy the root relative URL path of the image (everything after the .com or the .edu)
  3. Go to the page you want to edit, click to the source text formatter and click "Source" in the WYSIWYG editor
  4. Add the following a href and img tags replacing "sample" and extensions to the proper destinations: 
<a href=" target="_blank"><img src="/paste-the-root-relative-url-path-of-image-here.jpg" alt="title of image" /></a>

WYSIWYG Source Mode Edit using Panelizer & Layout

Editing WYSIWYG content in source mode using Panelizer or Layout Builder and changes aren't updating? You'll need to click back to normal view from source view before you update. To do so, just click on "source" again after you make your updates before saving. 

Lists in Dynamic Columns

When adding a list in the dynamic column custom block, it will not display as a list unless you add the HTML code. 

<li style="list-style-type:disc;">Copy goes here</li>