Known Issues

Bugs and other Weirdness!

Is something weird going on? Have you found a bug? Please let us know by opening an incident at Service Link under Software & Applications, sub-category, Campus Websites. 

Please see our Blog and Change-logs for updates.

Known Bugs

These are known issues that have been reported as incidents from campus that are currently on Campus Web Solutions' backlog. 

  • Adding code through source in accordion custom block - code only kept in last edited accordion 
  • Main Navigation sticky changes position of anchor link. The math is adding the navigation bar size. 
  • Feeds sometimes will need a hand importing new items. Manual imports or unlocking may be necessary using the Feeds section.

Workarounds for Known Issues

Carousel Sliders for Hero and Content

Multiple carousels will work on the same page. However, they all need to have multiple images. If one of the carousel sliders is only displaying one image, where the one below is displaying multiple, the "dots" and slider navigation will be controlled in the top most slider for the one below. To prevent this, do not use a carousel slider when you only want one image. If you are using a carousel slider as a hero slider but only have one image, use instead the Head Image and Title block or the "Header Options" on basic pages. 

Flush Caches to Force Updates

Sometimes content does not update right away. In order to force an update whether it is textual information or a newly uploaded file, site builders are able to Flush All Caches under the Drupal watermark. 

Flush all caches screenshot

WYSIWYG Source Mode Edit Layout

Editing WYSIWYG content in source mode using Layout Builder and changes aren't updating? You'll need to click back to normal view from source view before you update. To do so, just click on "source" again after you make your updates before saving. 

Lists in Dynamic Columns

When adding a list in the dynamic column custom block, it will not display as a list unless you add the HTML code. 

<li style="list-style-type:disc;">Copy goes here</li>