There are three roles that can be assigned to editors of websites. The roles are Contributor, with the lowest level of access, Editor, which most editors will be assigned, and Site Builder, with the highest level of permissions. The Site Factory Manager and the Site Builders of the website are able to assign individuals their role. Please note that at least one person needs to be assigned the Site Builder role, typically this person is the site owner. 

Admin Panel Access

What does the Admin Panel Toolbar look like for each type of role? For each role, permissions differ, and some options will not be available to a particular role. 


The Builder role can view "Content", "Structure", "Appearance", "Configuration", "People", and "Reports" on the admin toolbar. Builders have access to everything that an editor can access. Builders can update global site settings, under configuration (title, slogan, department footer information, etc.). URL redirects can be added only by builders. Builders have the additional ability to add people to their site as other builders, editors, or contributors. Reports can also be viewed only by builders. Builders will be able to add content to block layout regions, such as the site notification region and the hero panel region. They can change the theme and decide on whether a stick nav is suitable for the site.

Builder Admin Toolbar


The Editor role can view "Content", "Structure", and "Configuration" on the admin toolbar. Structure and Configuration are limited to their access. Editors are able to add pages via content types, view all content, and edit all content in the "Content" area. Within Structure, editors can view the custom block library, edit menu items for audience links, related links, and main navigation, as well as add terms to the taxonomy vocabularies that exist. 

Editor Role Toolbar


The Contributor role can view "Content". Content in the admin toolbar is where the listing of all pages and media can be located. It is also where content types are selected to create a new page. Therefore, a Contributor is a contributor of content. They can add content and edit structured content (articles, profiles, events, and gallerias). Contributors can only delete their own content. 

Contributor Admin Panel view

Roles and Permissions Matrix

Permission Contributor Editor Site Builder
Administer Add to Any    
Block - administer  
Block Content Permissions - create, edit, and delete  
Block Region Permissions - UCR default theme    
Contextual Links - use
Entity Browser - Access Image Browser pages
Entity Browser - Access Media browser pages
File - Access the Files overview page
Filter - Use the Rich Text formatter
Filter - Use the Rich Text Editor (Limited) formatter
Filter - Use the Rich Text Editor (Source) formatter  
Media Entity - Access the Media overview page
Media Entity - Administer media    
Media Entity - Create media
Media Entity - Delete ANY media  
Media Entity - Delete media (own)
Media Entity - Update ANY media  
Media Entity - Update media (own)
Menu - Administer Main navigation menu items  
Menu - Administer Audience menu items  
Menu - Administer Related links  
Node - Access Content overview page
Node - Revert all revisions  
Node - View all revisions
Node - View own unpublished content
Node - Article - Create new content
Node - Article - Delete any content  
Node - Article - Delete own content
Node - Article - Edit content
Node - Article - View & revert revisions
Node - Basic page - Create new content
Node - Basic page - Delete any content  
Node - Basic page - Delete own content
Node - Basic page - Edit content
Node - Basic page - View & revert revisions
Node - Event - Create new content
Node - Event - Edit content
Node - Event - Delete any content  
Node - Event - Delete own content
Node - Event - View & revert revisions
Node - Galleria - Create new content
Node - Galleria - Delete any content  
Node - Galleria - Delete own content
Node - Galleria - Edit content
Node - Galleria - View & revert revisions
Node - People Profiles - Create new content
Node - People Profiles - Delete any content  
Node - People Profiles - Delete own content
Node - People Profiles - Edit content
Node - People Profiles - View & revert revisions
Panels - configure settings    
Panels - Use Panels Dashboard  
Panels IPE - in-place editing
Path - Administer URL aliases    
Path - Create & edit URL aliases
Quick Edit - access in place editing
Redirect - administer    
Role delegation - Assign Roles    
Taxonomy - delete terms  
Taxonomy - edit terms
Themes - administer    
Site wide configuration