Basic Drupal trainings are designed for the beginner to start editing their websites. It is a two hour long hands-on class. Those who are advanced web editors but are new to the UCR Drupal environment should also take the class to see how things differ. A one hour training for Layout Builder is for those individuals who need to transition their site over to Layout from Panels. 

Online Training

Online training will take place for the foreseeable future. This training will be conducted via Zoom. Beginning training typically takes 2 hours to go over the basics. It is recommended that you reach out to your Site Factory Manager first regarding the plan for your site's transition if it already exists. For individuals who wish to complete Drupal training, once your Drupal site has been created, please fill out the form. 

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Trainings will be conducted via Zoom. You will be sent the Zoom link the day before or day of your training. 

Be sure to hover over the information to determine which training is right for you. There is a 2 hour basic training for CNAS websites and another 2 hour basic training for the rest of campus. Additionally, for those who need to transition their sites from the Panels Dashboard to Layout Builder, there is a 1 hour session. 
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