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Changelog #34 - May 15th 2021

Bullets for lists fixed for custom blocks and an archival events page created for past events. Contact form vulnerability found on some sites.

Changelog #33 - April 17th 2021

Drupal regular deployments resume with updates to CSS, a Drupal core update, and a way to mitigate a user error.

Major Drupal Update March 6th!

Please do not edit Drupal sites this weekend during the major update.
By Campus Web Solutions Team | | Information Technology Solutions

Changelog #32 - October 17 2020

The October release is taking place on Saturday, October 17th. The hybrid theme get an accessibility check.
By Campus Web Solutions Team |

Changelog #31 - September 19 2020

Drupal Core and Acquia will be upgraded, feed upgrade and branding changes for specific content types and listing views
By Campus Web Solutions Team |

Changelog #30 - August 22 2020

The August sprint release continues to transform sites in alignment with the new branding. A new feature for overwriting files is now available!

Changelog #29 - July 18 2020

The July update for Drupal will include accessibility and visual enhancements.
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Changelog #28 - June 13 2020

UCR is undergoing a brand refresh. Drupal sites will be rebranded this upcoming release!

Changelog #27 - May 23 2020

A Drupal Core and Acquia Lightning update are taking place on Saturday May 23rd. Please refrain from editing your sites on May 23rd. This changelog also includes updates to the article content type, article previews, custom alerts, the CNAS theme, and the feed module.

Changelog #26 - April 11 2020

The April sprint release is scheduled for April 11th. Please refrain from editing your site on this day. Updates include fixes and additions for feeds and CNAS theme updates.
By Campus Web Solutions Team | | Changelog

Changelog #25 - March 7 2020

The March sprint release for Drupal is scheduled for Saturday, March 7th, starting at 6am. Updates include additional button bar styles, the XML sitemap module, and CNAS theme updates.

Changelog #24 - February 14 2020

The February sprint release for Drupal is scheduled for Saturday, February 15th, starting at 6am. Please refrain from editing sites on Saturday or check TechAlerts for updates.

Changelog #23 - December 7 2019

The December sprint release for Drupal is scheduled for Saturday, December 7th. Please refrain from editing sites on Saturday. There are a couple new features, an update to the background color, and many CNAS Theme updates.
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Changelog #22 - November 9 2019

The November change release for Drupal will reveal slight updates to the general CSS for the footer and header in the default and hybrid themes. The CNAS theme also has quite a few fixes. Code has been cleaned up and adjustments in aria labels and landmarks were made. A new admin theme, Claro, has been...
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Changelog #21 - October 5 2019

October's sprint update takes place on October 5th starting at 5am. It is best to refrain from editing websites during this time. Most of the updates for this release are bug fix related. There are no new feature releases.
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Monthly releases are on hold

Adoption of UCR's Drupal instance has soared! Due to the increased number of sites and page views, the campus will need to be placed in a new Acquia tier. In the meantime, there will be no monthly Change Logs (updates to the Drupal system). Campus Web Solutions will continue to fix bugs and work on...
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Changelog #20 - August 3 2019

Saturday, August 3rd, an update to Drupal was made. This change release includes the new Layout Builder tool as well as bug fixes. Learn more about this change release.
By Campus Web Solutions Team | | Changelog

Layout Builder is coming!

Layout Builder is a new tool in Drupal that makes creating page layouts quick and easy! Layout Builder provides flexible page layouts for the Basic Page content type. Content blocks are easily searchable to place in the multitude of regions created within the primary content area.
By Campus Web Solutions Team | | Training

Custom Blocks Draft State

With the July 2019 push of new releases for Acquia and Drupal, a workflow for custom blocks was introduced. Now all custom blocks can be set to "draft" and "published". Any custom block that was created before this push will already be in its published state. However, any new blocks created will be set to...

Drupal Video Training Now Available

Basic web editing in Drupal training is available in video format on the UCR Learning Center.