Organization Manager

Each organization in the university requiring websites will need at least one Organization Manager. These are organizational leads that will be responsible for approving sites within their organization. An Organization Manager can be from any discipline but they are typically either directors, from marketing, or IT. Some organizations have multiple managers but we request that this be kept to a minimum at an ORG level, not a DIV or DEPT level. 

What is required of Organization Managers?

  • Approve/Deny site requests as they come in to ITS. These requests can be for our content management system (Drupal) or for hosting space only using our virtual hosting service. 
  • Access to the Pantheon User Dashboard. This is a user interface allowing one to oversee all Drupal sites created under the organization. Organization Managers are responsible for the maintenance of this list. They are not required to be the editors or designated owner of each site but will have edit access at the "builder" level should they need it. 
  • Will be emailed on a regular basis (close to monthly) on sprint releases. These are the updates happening within Drupal. 
  • Organization Managers are often tasked, on a monthly basis, to test a subset of their organizational sites in the test environment when updates happen. This can be delegated to site owners and editors.
  • When appropriate Organization Managers may be tasked to disseminate information to their organization's editors. 
  • Organization Managers may be called to assist in prioritizing, or giving feedback on, improvements or changes within Drupal that impact the campus. 
  • Optionally, Organization Managers can opt to be on a monthly Web Advisory Group. 

Pantheon User Dashboard documentation for organization managers.