Is your unit's site eligible to join?

Drupal CMS sites are available to UCR administrative units, colleges, schools, and academic departments whose web content is owned by the Regents of the University of California. A Drupal website is not an application and will not function as an application. Drupal websites can display textual information, images, documents, embed scripts, reference outside hosted videos, and allow builders to create basic forms.

Types of websites eligible: Types of websites not eligible:
  • Colleges (examples: BCOE, CHASS, CNAS)
  • Departments (examples: Mechanical Engineering, History, Biology)
  • Administrative (examples: HR, Senate, Sustainability)
  • Conferences hosted by UCR (with the understanding these are temporary sites)
  • Registered campus organizations
  • Registered campus facilities and centers
  • Research groups and lab sites for faculty members
  • Personal websites (no vanity URLs)
    • Such as promotion of CV, or non UCR & non research related content
  • Student clubs, activities, or student led campaigns and programs

While UCR marketing and ITS strongly encourages the use of Pantheon hosted Drupal, we understand that this may not suit everyone's need. You have the option to request hosting space only with ITS. This will require knowledge of FTP and HTML/CSS to the extent of the web creation tool you are using. Faculty members also have the option of creating a personal website using Google Sites or updating their personal profile on the Profiles application. Vanity URLs are not permitted.


An Organization Manager will serve as the lead for an organization in approving and prioritizing websites on the Pantheon Drupal platform. Each Manager oversees their organization's websites under a group, which can be further subdivided. All site requests will funnel through the corresponding Manager. If the site request is approved, a site with a Pantheon URL will be provided until ready to launch. 

Organization Manager List

Organizational Unit Organization Manager
ORG10 - School of Education Eddie Greer
ORG11 - Bourns College of Engineering Joseph Bradfield, Victor Hill
ORG12 - College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences James Lin, Jeff Girod, Kelvin Mac
ORG13 - School of Business Ilse Ungeheuer, Bill Manes, Kathy Drake
ORG14 - College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences Joann Young, Tom Windeknecht
ORG16 - University Library Scott Metoyer
ORG18 - Academic Senate Travis Gutierrez, Cherysa Cortez
ORG19 - Auxiliary Services Brian Gaul, Crystal Brailsford
ORG20 - Chancellor Kelly Patton
ORG21 - Information Technology Solutions Alex Chrystal
ORG22 - Graduate Division Laura McGeehan
ORG24 - Research & Economic Development Jennifer Yturralde, Stan Fletcher
ORG25 - Student Affairs Genesis Gonzales
ORG26 - University Advancement Johnny Lam, Paul Simon, Kelly Patton
ORG30 - Facilities, Planning, Design, Construction Erin Chapman
ORG31 - Provost Kelly Patton
ORG32 - International Affairs Emily Draws, Michelle Jaramillo
ORG33 - Enrollment Services Johnny Lam, Paul Simon
ORG35 - Palm Desert Graduate Center Agam Patel
ORG36 - Undergraduate Education Shanshan Liao
ORG37 - School of Public Policy Mark Manalang, John Batres
ORG39 - Planning, Budget, and Amin Crystal Brailsford
ORG40 - School of Medicine Ross French
ORG41 - Alianza UCMX open
ORG42 - Health, Well-being, and Safety Melissa Bill

Do not know what organization your department falls under? See the Golden Tree Viewer and click on the Activity tab. 

If your organization is not listed, please communicate with your organization to determine an Organization Manager. These managers are typically either marketing directors or IT leads. Once determined, please have your organizational lead send in a Campus Web Solutions - Service Request request.