Events Calendar

The Events Calendar integrates easily with your existing site and or Drupal, and is optimized for sharing content across social media channels. It’s easy to use and will allow you to:

  • Publish, manage, and promote your events
  • Increase awareness and discoverability of your events
  • Increase attendance and engagement with your audience

See resources and tools below to better understand how to use the Events Calendar.

Users can sign up using an email address or log in through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Those that sign up using their UCR email will subsequently log in using their netID and password. 

To manage a calendar, please send a request to

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Events Calendar FAQs

Events Calendar Tools



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University Communications has developed a tutorial for users to familiarize themselves with the new events calendar, please see below. Additionally, you can view instructions for adding a widget to your site as well as a customized overview webinar.


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Tags are another layer of categorizing your events that are created in a free-text field and are not selected from a pre-determined list. We urge you to only use University Approved tags, please see the list below.

  • Commencement 2018
  • Holiday
  • Homecoming 2018
  • Tartan Soul
  • Highlander Welcome 2018



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If you need assistance with the new events calendar or would like to request access, please contact:

Event Widget Examples

The following are examples of Event Widgets created using the widget builder from the Campus Events Calendar

Scroll down, on the right column, there is a "Share Events" section that contains the widget builder. You do not need an account to use the widget builder. 

events widget builder block

Build an Events Widget

Template: Default; Number of results: 5; Days ahead: 31; no specific content selections
Display Options = Widget Type: List, Style: Card

Template: UCR Card Version; Number of results: 6; Days ahead: 60; Departments: College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
Display Options: include styles

Template: Horizontal List; Number of results: 4, Days ahead: 31; Groups: The Well
Display Options: include styles