Admin Assistance

There are certain things only an administrator of Campus Web Solutions can accomplish within your Drupal site. If any of the following need to be accomplished, please open a Service Request - For Campus Web Solutions. Be sure to select Drupal/Acquia Content Management System as the nature/category.  

  • Google Analytics
    To add or change the UA code of Google Analytics to a site. If the UA code is not given up front when a website launch is requested, the default UCR UA code is automatically registered. Only the UA code is needed, not the script. The site doesn't display the analytics, the analytics themselves will need to be viewed using Google Analytics (reach out to University Communications for access). 
  • Enable "FAQ" content type
    Provides an additional content type for sites who need a very comprehensive, searchable FAQ that can be sectioned. 
  • CAS or password protected pages
    There are two different modules depending on what needs to be achieved.
    If pages need to be behind a CAS authentication, be sure to enter the paths of those pages. This will allow all people who have a UCR Net ID to authenticate and then view the page. These users are then added without roles to your People list. Documents and other files cannot be behind CAS
    The Password Protected Pages module will need to be enabled first before using. Once it is enabled, any builder of the site can update the pages to protect behind a password of their choosing. Neither modules secure documents or embedded links
  • Spam Control
    For any adjustments to Antibot or Honeypot modules. 
  • Add alias
    For additional domain names to be associated to your site.
  • Trumba
    If you use the Trumba calendar service, the "spuds" can be incorporated into your site by enabling the Trumba module.