The New CMS Offering at UCR

Acquia Cloud and Drupal

Information Technology Solutions (ITS) and University Communications (UCOMM) have partnered to bring Drupal and Acquia's Site Factory service to campus. This platform seeks to provide a more robust, feature-rich, easy-to-use web solution to eligible sites across campus. This site is your Resource Guide to all things Drupal.

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There is a new on-boarding and oversight process when requesting a site that involves a Site Factory Manager. If you need to move your site into Drupal or need a brand new site within our CMS, more details are located on the Request A Site page.

Request a Site

Launch a Site


Are you ready for your ACSF site to be launched, using a * domain? First, take a look at our Pre-launch check list on the Request Site page and then use the below form to request to launch!

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Bring your questions to our open house workshops! These workshops are held every third Thursday of the month!

Workshop schedule

"How To" Guide

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This is the one stop page to find all the "How To's" for UCR's Drupal offering. 

Training Outline

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Changelog #18 - June 8 2019
June's update to the Drupal content management system took place on Saturday, June 8th.  Bug Fixes  List item break (white space) fix - before put spacing between sublist items.  list item break before fixlist item spacing after fix Table Sort - The table sort and filter option now is available for the hybrid theme…
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Changelog #17 - May 4 2019
May's update to the Drupal content management system took place on Saturday, May 4th. The sprint involved a Drupal code core update. A bug fix went into this month's push and new modules that are ready to be installed by a Campus Web Solutions administrator.  Drupal Version: 8.6.15 Bug Fixes Icon for Documents - The icon was…
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Changelog #16 - April 6 2019
April's update to the Drupal content management system took place on Saturday, April 6th. This push includes several bug fixes and a change to a CAS related module. The University Communications approved CNAS Theme has also been added as a selection but should be used with caution as it is in "beta".  Bug Fixes Info Card Link -…
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