The ITS Web Solutions Group and your Site Factory Manager will assist starting with initial request to launch. This includes support through training, documentation, and service requests via Service Link.

There are currently two UCR wide themes. These themes share all styles except for the header and are available for all sites. Individual pages can be customized by editors with the proper permissions. A CNAS Theme is available for CNAS related sites. 

Please see our Sample Site for a look at our custom blocks and content types in action. Want to see what others have done? View a list of launched Drupal sites


There are three roles for users, Content Contributor, Content Editor, and Site Builder. Each role has different permissions which will slightly change a user's experience. Site builders can add people and assign a role to new editors. There should be at least one site builder for each site. Take a look at the Roles and Permissions Matrix to see what content, blocks, features, and elements you have access.

Glossary of Terms

For reference, we have provided a Glossary of Terms. This will help you understand the Drupal terminology.

Admin Only

There are certain things only an administrator of Campus Web Solutions can accomplish within your Drupal site. If any of the following need to be accomplished, please open a Service Link Ticket - For Campus Web Solutions. Be sure to select the correct categories (Content Management system, Drupal/Acquia, Additional Configurations).  

  • Adding the UA code of Google Analytics to a site
    If the UA code is not given up front when a website launch is requested, the default UCR UA code is automatically entered. Only the UA code is needed, not the script. The site doesn't display any analytics, that is still viewed within Google. 
  • Enable "FAQ" content type - provides an additional content type for sites who need a very comprehensive, searchable FAQ
  • CAS and password protected pages
  • Add alias - for additional domain names to be associated to your site
  • Switch to Layout Builder from Panelizer (Panels Dashboard) 

Bugs & Issues

Is something weird going on? Have you found a bug? Please let us know by opening an incident at Service Link under Software & Applications, sub-category, Campus Websites. 

Please see our Blog and Change-logs for updates and our known issues list. 

Feature Suggestions

Do you have a recommendation for a feature enhancement that can be utilized by campus? Please fill out ITS' Demand Management Feature Enhancement or New Project Request.

SEO Tips

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and has been sort of a buzz phrase recently. For new sites, it will take time for search engines to crawl a site. These are some basic SEO standard practices:

  • Publish relevant content (don't publish test pages and if you need to, be sure to un-publish later, delete these pages when no longer needed)
  • Update your content regularly 
  • Metadata - Drupal already automatically adds relevant metadata, although there are Meta Tags you can update on nodes. Make sure you provide a summary for your body content.
  • Make sure you are following basic accessibility guidelines