New Content Management System Platform

By Campus Web Solutions Team |
Riverside, Ca –

Information Technology Solutions and University Communications have partnered to bring Drupal and Acquia’s Site Factory service to campus to replace the current system, Omni Update. This new platform seeks to provide a more robust, feature-rich, easy-to-use web solution to eligible sites across campus.

The roll out will also include a new online campus calendar system. Localist, which helps users easily publish, manage, and promote their events, will provide a more centralized tool to promote a vibrant UCR culture.

Both transitions mean that necessary web training could be required in your role to help UCR position itself competitively with contemporaries and other campuses. Make sure you’re familiar with the new look of UCR’s incoming web platform, as well as know what training is available for you and your department’s success.

Existing OU Campus sites

As of January 2018, no new OU Campus websites will be created. Existing sites edited within the OU Campus platform will remain editable until June 2019. These sites will need to be transitioned to the new Drupal platform or another web solution provided by the responsible organization. Site Factory Managers have been identified in each organization and will help lead the charge for the new rollout.