Changelog #3 - March 15 2018

By Campus Web Solutions Team |
Riverside, Ca –

Updates to the Drupal CMS will be pushed out to sites starting at 7pm on March 15th, 2018. This could take several hours but should not pose an interruption in content editing. Friday morning, March 16th, you should be able to see the following updates. 

Changes to Roles

  • The Editor role has been downsized. Editors will no longer be able to access site wide configuration. Editors will no longer be able to access block layout. 
  • Editor and Builder will no longer be able to access block types.


  • New Custom Block type available! Check out the Expanding Card Grid. This will allow for a block of grid information that expands on click. 
    Expanding Card Grid example
    Expanding Card Grid example
  • Site Builder role will now have access to create basic forms. It is located under the Structure tab. 
    contact forms
  • The upload-able extensions have been modified to include excel and powerpoint files. 
  • Info Card received a modification. Selecting 1, 2, or 3 per row will span the width of the grid, rather than be a fixed size within the grid.