Changelog #4 - April 5 2018

By Web Solutions Team |
Riverside, Ca –

Updates to the Drupal CMS will be pushed out to sites starting at 7pm on April 5th, 2018. This could take several hours but should not pose an interruption in content editing. Friday morning, April 6th, you should be able to see the following updates. 

Layout Additions

  • New layout choices for basic pages
    • One column
    • Two column 50/50 and 50/50 brick option
    • Two column 66/33 and 66/33 brick option
    • Two column 33/66 and 33/66 brick option
    • Two column 75/25 and 75/25 brick option
    • Two column 25/75 and 25/75 brick option
    • Three column 25/50/25
    • Three column 33/34/33
two column layout example

The multiple column layouts allow for a 100% top and 100% bottom region for the page in addition to the columns. The "brick" option allows for a double stack of full width to columns. 


Bug Fixes and UI Tweaks

  • Eyebrow height adjustment (organization line)
  • Tab correction in title for trailing space
  • Events Block - heading links to proper node
  • Events & Articles Block/Listing - special characters to display correctly
  • Vertical spacing added for articles block