Changelog #8 - August 11 2018

By Campus Web Solutions Team |
Riverside, Ca –

The following updates to Drupal took place on August 11, 2018. Most changes in the August release affected the "umbrella" ( site only.

Bug Fixes

  • Tag issue on article listings - When multiple tags are on an articles in the list view, the link wraps the tags together. This was negatively impacting accessibility. This has been corrected.
  • Taxonomy term listing view - When viewing a taxonomy term in a list view, the order was not always most recent to oldest. This has been corrected. 


  • A prompt will now display if viewing a Drupal site on an unsupported browser. This prompt will give the option to either update the browser or ignore. Ignoring may cause viewers not to experience the website optimally. 
    Browser update prompt
  • The Siteimprove Priority Script has been placed on all launched Drupal sites. This script is a beneficial addition for those who are using Siteimprove. The benefits include seeing page views and view clicks on broken links. This can help a Siteimprove user prioritize fixing issues on pages most viewed or removing broken links. Read more about Siteimprove on our accessibility resource page. 
  • Accessibility Color Fixes - Visitors may see a slight change in headings and paragraph text. The colors were darkened for accessibility standards.

UCR.EDU Specific Changes

  • Mobile Google Custom Search - The google custom search text box in mobile view now removes the placeholder text and font color has been updated to white against the black background.
  • Higher resolution social icons - The icons in the footer have been replaced with higher resolution images.
  • Mobile Menu animation easing - The animation in the mobile menu now uses 'ease-out' and 'ease-in' with a transform translate.
  • The logo is now using an SVG.
  • The logo is now centered vertically in the header.
  • A CSS fix to the testimonial slider has been applied to allow one slide with the proper styles.