Changelog #9 - September 1 2018

By Campus Web Solutions Team |
Riverside, Ca –

The following updates to the Acquia Drupal environment for campus went live on September 1st. 

Bug Fixes

  • WYSIWYG Editor Fixes
    • In the editor, the horizontal line did not display. This has been fixed.
    • The left and right align for an image did not display while in edit mode. This has been fixed and editors will be able to see the text wrapping correctly. 
  • Tabs
    • When using multiple horizontal tabs that began to wrap, the tabs would "jump" and move around depending on which tab the user hovered over. The tabs are now stationary. 
  • MegaNav
    • the fourth column is now available for use:
  • Social media icons in the footer region will now wrap appropriately based on screen size
  • Content padding on the hybrid theme has been updated to display header container content correctly


  • Hero - Now editors have the ability to add multiple links per slide. Be thoughtful of the amount of content and size restrictions in mobile view. Additional links will stack. 
  • Section menus are now collapsible on mobile. These menus are the additional menus that site builders can create and have the ability to place on pages. Note that a title must be given for section menus to function correctly. 
  • The (umbrella) site has an additional secondary hero slider option. This is only available for 
  • Taxonomy Filter Sidebar Block - This block will display a tag listing. This allows viewers to see a listing of other tags when they get to a page of tags. 
  • Related Item Block - Site builders can add a block of "Related" articles on any page. This block uses taxonomies such as "tags" to create a listing of related content.