Changelog #12 - December 8 2018

By Campus Web Solutions Team |
Riverside, Ca –

December's update to the Drupal content management system includes the much anticipated Webforms module and enhancements to block style settings with background, margin, and padding options. A few bug fixes have been addressed as well. 



With the Webform module, it is now easier to create forms within Drupal. The Webform module enhances the experience and allows conditionals, e-mailing submissions, downloading submissions, adding re-captcha, ability to place the form within a node (page), and that only scratches the surface. ITS recommends watching the videos provided by the developer (these can be accessed right from your site). [Edit: January's release will update permissions to Site Builders for full use.]

Video Block

The previous release introduced a "Header Image" option for nodes. This has been enhanced to include a video option. Please note that all video streaming services will not serve the video in the same way. Vimeo is the only service that allows for no controls, that plays seamlessly and a paid account is required. For Vimeo files, please use the ID URL. For example:

Style Options on Blocks

To customize your site, there are now Style Options available on Custom Blocks. The Style Options will vary depending on the custom block selected. These options can include font color, background colors, background image, opacity, padding, and margin settings. Keep in mind that the styles are set to the custom block and will effect ALL nodes (pages) that the block is placed. 

Bug Fixes

  • Accordion item list spacing has been fixed so that sub items are spaced correctly
  • Carousel slider is no longer aligned left, is is now centered and will span the full width of the display
  • Localist (Events Calendar) Widgets no longer have a z-index higher than the menu and will no longer cover the menu