Changelog #15 - March 16 2019

Riverside, Ca –

March's update to the Drupal content management system initially took place on Saturday, March 9th. This push was rolled back due to an error and the release was rescheduled for March 16th, 2019. This push includes a feature enhancement and a new custom block to the campus sites using the default profile. Additionally, Inside UCR, will have a ScotMemo section. 


Additional Button Options

button styles in editor

The editing toolbar (WYSIWYG editor) has additional button style options under "Styles". Please keep in mind that button styles will only display in the editor if you have your cursor on a link. The full button styles list includes: 

Lt Blue

Md Blue

Dk Blue







Lt Blue Outline

Md Blue Outline

Dk Blue Outline

Pink Outline

Red Outline

Burgundy Outline

Gold Outline

Orange Outline

Green Outline

Arrow Button

Testimonial Slider

A new Custom Block called the Testimonial Slider is available. The Testimonial Slider provides fields for "Author's Name", "Author's Title", and the quote section for each slide. An image can either be set to show as a circle or cover the entire slide. There are additional selections for text orientation and whether the font color is light or dark on top of an image spanning the slide. Below are examples of two slides from the same Testimonial Slider, one using the "circle image" and the other using the "full cover image". 

testimonial slider as seen with circle image
Testimonial slide with an image set as circle on the left
testimonial slider as seen with full cover image
Testimonial Slide with an image set to cover the entire slide

Known Issues

Sortable/Filerable Tables

The sortable/filterable table option that was introduced in the last push has a limitation on sizing. The table can be set to a size, such as a percentage. However, the columns themselves auto adjust and do not obey size parameters when initially loaded. 

Arrow Button in Info Card Grid

There is a CSS issue with the arrow button when used in an Info Card. It does not display correctly. This will be addressed in April's update. 

Bubble Grid

The custom block, Bubble Grid, does not wrap text within bounds. This is noted on our bug report list and will be addressed in a future update.