Changelog #21 - October 5 2019

ScotMemo and Drupal Core Update

October's sprint update takes place on October 5th starting at 5am. It is best to refrain from editing websites during this time. Most of the updates for this release are bug fix related. There are no new feature releases. 

  • Drupal Core Update - upgrade from 8.7.5 to 8.7.7
    • fixes security vulnerabilities
  • ScotMemo - applied requested updates
  • CNAS Theme - Various bug fixes including an image justification
  • CSS Classes for Layout - Additional classes added through Layout were not being applied prior to the October 5th update. 
  • Google Search update to new engine with no ads

Our November release will include accessibility enhancements, a new admin theme choice, and a new way to utilize a mega-nav.