Changelog #24 - February 14 2020

By Campus Web Solutions Team |

The February sprint release for Drupal is scheduled for Saturday, February 15th, starting at 6am. Please refrain from editing sites on Saturday or check TechAlerts for updates. 

Updates & Changes

  • Drupal core version: 8.7.8 
  • Bubble grid enhancement: Text can now be added above, below, or inside the bubble. All bubble grids that have been previously created can be updated.
  • Global Footer links will now use “https” as an SEO enhancement)

CNAS Theme Updates 

These updates will only affect the CNAS Theme. 

  • Statistics Block: Optional animation to count up to statistics numbers by adding the class ‘animate’ to the Layout Builder section configuration. 
  • Article Preview: Optional animation to have article blocks in the grid slide-up when the elements come into view. Animation is added by  adding the class ‘animate’ to the Layout Builder section configuration. 
  • 403 and 404 page designs have been updated. 
  • Search Popup: CNAS Design applied. 
  • Localist Events block: A view mode option for the template=card widget style has been added. 
  • Article Preview list: Styling updates to text colors and sizes. 
  • News article page: Styling updates to the header color and font sizes. 
  • Webform: Required asterisks are now showing on fields. 
  • Carousel Slider: 2 column layouts with a carousel slider have been updated for better height equalization with the adjoining column. 
  • Expanding Cards: Min-width setting removed so the expanded info section does not extend beyond the page margins. 
  • Button colors updated. Green button now uses the CNAS green. Pink button uses a CNAS pink. 
  • CTA blocks: CTA in full-width layout now has no padding left and right. 
  • Table styling: Consistent CNAS styles applied to sortable and non-sortable tables. 
  • Carousel Slider: Text aligned left spacing fixed. 
  • CNAS styling for Custom Alert block types. 
  • 2. Media embedded in html editor gets centered by default if no alignment is selected. 
  • CTA blocks in CNAS View Mode has bottom margin removed to allow for creation of a solid (no spaces between cells) grid layout. CTA with Margins CNAS view mode is still available and includes standard margins. 
  • Testimonial slider block has font-size fixed for full-width layouts. 
  • Dynamic Columns templates added to remove code that was showing at the bottom of the block. 
  • Fixed the removal of the CNAS custom header background that was applied if Sticky nav is disabled and user scrolls down the page. 
  • Fixed aria-labelledby inconsistencies for the Search form.