Changelog #27 - May 23 2020

Drupal core and Acquia updates
By Campus Web Solutions Team |

The May sprint release for Drupal is scheduled for Saturday, May 23rd, starting at 6am. Please refrain from editing sites on Saturday and check TechAlerts for updates. 

  • Drupal Core update to 8.8.4  - According to, "This release fixes security vulnerabilities."
  • Update Acquia Lightning to 4.1.3 
  • Option to open alternate URLs in new tab for articles 
    When creating a page with the Article content type, Display Options now include an option for the article to open in a new tab. This is useful if you are linking to an alternate URL (an article outside of your website). 
    display options for articles
  • "Read More" alt text for Article Previews 
    For better accessibility, the "Read More" link for Article Previews will display a span with the actual title of the article. 
    Article preview - read more alt span text in html
  • Alert Links underlined 
    Most links are underlined by default. This was not the case for Custom Alerts. Now all links within the Custom Alert blocks will have an underline.
  • CNAS theme bug fixes
  • Update Feed import module – Feeds 3.0