Changelog #28 - June 13 2020

UCR Rebranding!
By Campus Web Solutions Team |

The June sprint release for Drupal is scheduled for Saturday, June 13th, starting at 6am. Please refrain from editing sites on Saturday and check TechAlerts for updates. Updates that take place during this time could disrupt the process and edits may not be saved.

After the June update, you'll see that our Drupal websites look just a little different. A new logo will replace the current UCR logo. The header and footer area will display the updated brand colors and font styles.

Functionality wise, everything will operate the same and nothing has been changed within the system our builders, editors, and contributors use to edit their sites. 

This brand update will be completed in phases. The content types, views, and custom blocks will be updated accordingly to match the new brand at a later time. 

UCR Brand Identity header