Changelog #29 - July 18 2020

By Campus Web Solutions Team |

The July update with be released on Saturday, the 18th, starting at 6am. Please do not edit your websites during the release period. To know when the change has been completed, visit TechAlerts

Changes in this build include:

  1. New option in the Custom Header & Title block to hide the H1 title. This will make the H1 visually hidden but still readable in the DOM for accessibility compliance.

2. Secondary and Tertiary unordered lists will have visually different icons to show hierarchy. This will replace the default unordered list that only displayed black circles. 

  • Main list item
    • Secondary list item
      • Tertiary list item

3. The listing page for content tagged with Content Keywords taxonomy terms are now displayed centered and in an orderly fashion.

4. Several CNAS theme changes went into this release. 

5. Fixes for SiteImprove issues: This included updates to Aria roles and labels.