Changelog #31 - September 19 2020

By Campus Web Solutions Team |

September's Drupal release includes an update to the Drupal core module and Acquia/Lightning. The brand will be updated on more of the content types available. Several fixes for the CNAS theme will be going into this release. 

1. UCR Rebranding Phase 2 Group 2
- Updated colors for listing pages (Articles, Blogs, "Content Marked/Tagged with: ", etc.)
- Updated look for Events listing pages and Events Page details
- Updated look for Blog posts
- Updated font for Local Galleria captions
- Updated look for People Profile
- Password Protect page "Enter Password" screen now centered.
2. Module Upgrades
- Drupal Core upgraded to v8.8.6 – security updates
- Acquia/Lightning upgraded to v4.1.4
- Upgraded Feeds module

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed logo and text resizing issue on mobile for default theme
  • Updated Theme Screenshots in /Admin/Appearance – The screenshots of the three different themes now reflect the new branding look.
  • Fix for CNAS Basic Page Video Header issue – The chosen video should be displayed “on top” of the background image when setting up a video header via Basic Page Header Options
  • Fix for CNAS Bubble Grid text missing when placed above or below the bubble – Text placed above or below the bubble should be visible now
  • Fix for Article Preview links turned red – Link color in the Article Preview block was turned back to white for readability.