Changelog #33 - April 17th 2021

By Campus Web Solutions Team |

Regular changelog deployments have resumed. Drupal websites will again be updated on a monthly basis typically the third Saturday of each month. These will start in the morning and should finish in the afternoon. It is highly recommended that editing is not conducted during these deployments. 

April's Deployment will begin at 6am on Saturday, April 17th. 

The following are included in April's update:

  • Font color options for the Statistics Grid custom block to be reapplied
  • CSS updated for article tags and category listing pages to match the default article listing page
  • “Save” button removed on Block Layout for editors, which should mitigate issues with blocks disabling themselves (when header and footer blocks are no longer visible)
  • Update Drupal Core to 8.9.7 
  • CNAS Stat grid text color correction
  • CNAS Bubble Grid text above or below to show
  • CNAS site header text resize