Changelog #34 - May 15th 2021

By Campus Web Solutions Team |

This month’s release is scheduled to deploy to Production on Saturday, May 15, 2021 starting at 6am. It is advised to refrain from editing during the update. Please check Tech Alerts to see when the deploy has concluded. 

Changes that went into this build include:

Bug Fixes

  • CNAS brand logo does not shrink when scrolling - FIXED
  • Styled bullets in accordions also display default icons (double bullets!) - FIXED
  • Default bullets in dynamic columns are not displaying (this also includes other custom blocks as well) - FIXED


  • Events page twig files updated to create an archival page for past events. 


Due to a found vulnerability, some site's Contact forms have been disabled. Don't worry, all sites owners who had their contact form disabled were already notified. However, it is advised that sites who use the Contact Form switch to using the Webform module instead along with ReCaptcha. 

Contact forms are found at the path: /admin/structure/contact of your site.
Webforms creation found at the path: /admin/structure/webform of your site. 
Configure ReCaptcha found at the path: /admin/config/people/captcha/ of your site.