Move from Acquia to Pantheon

hosting platform change
By Campus Web Solutions Team |

During the month of May, a transition took place. Over 500 live sites, and over 100 in development, have been moved to a new hosting platform. The UCR Campus has changed its provider from Acquia to Pantheon. This transition placed launched sites into three migration groups. Organizational site managers and content owners were asked to test their sites on the new platform during a content freeze. While this migration was a "lift and shift" of code and content, the architecture of file paths changed, Acquia related modules were removed, and the bulk upload option was impacted. Campus Web Solutions thanks all those involved in this endeavor, especially the organizational site managers and the systems operations team. 

What does this transition mean to site editors? 

The main thing to keep in mind is that you will no longer be able to edit the Acquia alias that used "acsitefactory" in the URL. It is now defunct and no longer associated to your site. When editing, log in using your launched domain at the .edu. A Pantheon alias also now exists for each site. If your site is not yet launched, you will need to use that alias to access the site. 

If you are unaware of how to access your site or if you are experiencing issues with your site now that it has transitioned please open a ticket with the Campus Web Solutions team