January 2024 Release

Drupal 10, CK5 Editor, and Cookie Consent
By Campus Web Solutions |

The first change release of the new year moves UCR's Drupal sites to Drupal 10. A handful of sites already moved over early in December 2023. For the remainder of our 590 launched Drupal sites, the deployment will take place starting on January 26th at 6pm to roughly 10pm and then continuing January 27th at 6am. As an editor, it is best to refrain from editing sites during this time in case they aren't reflected during the switch over. Please visit Tech Alerts to view the active and planned maintenance, which will indicate when all Drupal deployments have finished. 

  • Moving from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10.2
    As far as editors of all levels are concerned there are not many functional changes, except for the retooled CK editor. Drupal 9 support ended in November 2023. To stay current and protected from security vulnerabilities it was an inevitability to update sites to Drupal 10. 
    One other thing of note is that "Blocks" will now be available as a tab under "Content". This makes navigating to your custom block library and creating new blocks (as long as you had a role with previous access) a lot more convenient! 

Blocks tab under content

  • CK5 Rich Text Editor 
    By far the most drastic change that came with Drupal 10 is the introduction to CK5 Editor. In Drupal 9, we were using CK4 Editor, also known as the WYSIWYG Editor or editing toolbar. Drupal 10 deprecated that version. CK5 Editor has a more modern, sleek look. However, due to the current limitations of CK5, we will be continuing to offer both versions in the text formatter for a limited time. This will allow editors to ease into using the new editor and give the Drupal community time to address the issues it knows we, and many other institutions and other clients of Drupal, are facing. The original text editors will be labeled "Rich Text Editor (Limited)" and "Rich Text Editor (Source)", the new ones will be labeled "CK5 Rich Text Editor" and "CK5 Rich Text Editor with Source". Please read about the features and how to use the new CK5 Editor!
  • EU Cookie Consent Module
    This update also brings the new, mandatory, EU Cookie Consent banner that will display on ALL UCR Drupal websites. This is to satisfy compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The banner will appear at the bottom-most part of the viewers' browsers that notifies them of cookies. It will allow them to accept or decline tracking. By default, since all our sites currently use Google Analytics, these analytics will not be tracked until accepted. Please read the official UCR Cookie Consent announcement for more information. 

Cookie Consent banner

It is the responsibility of the site owner to include, or let Campus Web Solutions know, of any other cookies running on the sites as these MUST be added to the module to adhere to compliance.