April 2024 Release

Routine updates
By Campus Web Solutions |

Campus Drupal websites will be updated beginning April 2nd and end April 5th. Sites will be updated in groups by organization. Updates will occur after hours. It is recommended to not make updates outside of business hours this week. 

  1. Update to Drupal Core 10.2.4
    Keeping up to date with the latest Drupal Core version ensures we get timely bug fixes and enhancements to Drupal itself. This update fixes several backend issues that have been reported by the Drupal community. 
  2. Change Add To Any and Share and Follow Us Icons
    We have added the Font Awesome v6.5.1 icons in our library to stay updated with ever changing brand logos. The old MDI webpack will still exist alongside Font Awesome to avoid breaking any pages that rely on them.
follow us icons
share this icons
  1. Events listing page Previous and Next Button labels
    The Previous and Next buttons of your site's Events listing page (/events) are now fixed to display correctly. 
  2. Accordion Hover colors updated to pass accessibility.
    Accordion panels will now have the brand blue background color with white text when hovered over.