How to use Yuja

Yuja, a video hosting service, has been predominantly used by faculty members, however, it is available to all UCR members. Embed codes can be used within a Drupal site. Additionally, a permalink option will allow a header video to display on your Drupal site. 

Individuals have access to Yuja for free. For departments who would like to share an account for video header purposes, a departmental Yuja account can be created. Please have your site manager open a ticket with Campus Web Solutions in order to obtain a departmental Yuja account. 

Learn how to... 

  • Sign in to Yuja with your UCR Account
  • Upload a video in Yuja and set it to public
  • Use the permalink for your video headers

If you are having trouble displaying your Yuja video in Drupal, please open a service ticket with Campus Web Solutions. For all other Yuja inquiries, please see the XCITE information on Yuja (some information will not pertain to Drupal). 

How to sign in to Yuja with your UCR account

  1. On your web browser, go to
  2. At the welcome screen, log in using "UC Riverside Single-Sign-On".
  3. Click Sign In.
  4. You will be presented with CAS where you can log in using your NetId and password.

How to upload a video and set it to public.

  1. On your Yuja Dashboard, and at the top panel, locate and click on the Upload button.
  2. In the Add Media window, you can either upload a video from your computer or drag-and-drop it in the space provided.
  3. It will automatically process the video.
  4. Once that is done, hover over the video and click on "More..."
  5. In the Media Details window, click on Links and then click Security Settings

  6. In the Security Settings window, make sure that the Public option is selected and that there are no other restrictions checked (Leaving all options unchecked will let you display your videos in your headers).
  7. Click Save to apply changes.
  8. Click Close to close the Security Settings window.

When creating header videos for Drupal using Yuja, the optimal ratios are as follows for different screen sizes:

  • Header with Video - Xlarge: Focal Point Scale and Crop 2440×700
  • Header with Video - Large: Focal Point Scale and Crop 1920×555 
  • Header with Video - Medium: Focal Point Scale and Crop 1024×300
  • Header with video - Small: Focal Point Scale and Crop 768×450

How to get your video's permalink for your Drupal video headers

While logged in your Yuja account, on your dashboard, hover over the video you wish to embed on your Drupal site,

Click on the "More..." option

In the Media Details window that appears, Click on Links and then click on the Permalink button

The Permalink to Media window should appear. Copy this link.

And paste it in your Drupal site's Basic Page's Header Option

 or a Custom Header and Title Block: