Combined Feeds Display

Learn how to combine multiple RSS feeds into one display. We enhanced the current Feeds Display block to allow for multiple feeds.

Step 1: Add RSS Feeds to Site

The process to add feeds to your site remains the same.
You will still need to import individual RSS feeds. 
While logged in to your site, go to Content > Feeds > Then click on Add Feed:

RSS Feeds List

UCR News ( has defined a multitude of RSS feeds based on department and content.  View the RSS feeds for UCR News and copy the rss.xml link of your chosen topic. Once it is imported, then your new RSS feed will be listed on the Feeds page. 

Step 2: Create a Feeds Display custom block

Those feeds will then be used to create the Feeds Display custom block.
Go to Structure > Block Layout > Add Custom Block > Feeds Display

Just like before, you will choose a primary feed to display from the dropdown. Set a "more link", this is what your visitors will see as a button to view more articles or feed content. More than likely, you'll be sending them to the source of the original feed.

Primary Feeds Display Form

New Features for multi-feed display

After the primary feed, you will notice that there is a way to add additional feeds. It is using Drupal's Paragraph mode. This is the method to add more feeds to display in your custom feed block. 

Feeds Display New Fields

If more than two feeds are required, click on Add Multiple RSS to repeat the process. 

Add Multiple RSS Button

**Please note that we don't have a limit of how many feeds you can display, so please be careful when using this feature.**

Merged Feeds Sources

There is a new check field for "Merge Feed Sources". Leaving this unchecked, the feeds will display one after the other in the order input. Checking "Merge Feed Sources" will combine additional feeds displaying them in date order. Currently the limitation is that the first feed added will display FIRST, additional feeds will be combined following the first number of feed items from the primary feed. When you do this, be sure to set the total items to display and how many items per row (this needs to be done in order to display correctly). This will override the individual feed inputs. 

Merged Feeds Sources