Galleria Content Type

This node (page) is a sample of a Local Galleria content type. A Local Galleria will display images in a nice gallery slider view. You can see below what a galleria will look like. If you need a way to nicely display images, select the Local Galleria content type. 

There are fields for title and description of each image. Note that there is no limit for how many images can be in a galleria, but please use your best judgment as visitors will be scrolling through. You can also create multiple, separate Local Gallerias for different content. 

A preview of any Local Galleria created can optionally be placed on another basic page within the site. To do so, use the custom block type, Local Galleria Preview. Further preview options can be defined in the "Preview Options" tab of a Galleria content type. 

How to Create a Local Galleria

  1. Click on or hover over Content in your admin panel
  2. Click on or hover over Add Content 
  3. From the list of content types, select Local Galleria.
  4. Give your Local Galleria a Title. 
  5. Add in Gallery Images in the first tab.
  6. Add an introduction in the second tab (this will be body content that will display above the galleria)
  7. Select Preview Options in the third tab. These options are for the Local Galleria Preview block that can be optionally displayed on basic pages.
  8. Save and Publish