There are three navigation menus that a site built with our UCR default profile will contain. 

  • Main Navigation - appears horizontally below the site title on all pages of your site
    Main Navigation Sample Site
  • Audience Menu - appears on the top right, in the same region as the organizational name and Google custom search
    Audience Menu Sample site
  • Related Links - appears in the footer, in one of the columns, depending on how the site is configured
    Related Links Sample site

Where do I find the Menus?

To edit one of these menus, a user must have "Editor" or "Site Builder" rights to the site. Menus can be found under the Structure tab.

Structure -> Menus

Things to know 

  1. Content you create isn't automatically added to a menu. No hierarchy exists until you create it.
  2. Adding content links to a menu is a deliberate, manual step on your part.
  3. There are two different ways to add main navigation menu items
    1. Structure -> Menus -> Main Navigation
    2. During page creation, using the "Menu Settings" to the right of your body content. 
  4. Sub-navigation can be achieved by indenting or selecting its parent. Sub-navigation should not be used on the UC Riverside - Related Links, as it will not be listed as a drop-down.
  5. When using the Audience Menu, keep in mind that best practice is to have only one first level navigation item.