Changelog #18 - June 8 2019

By Campus Web Solutions Team |
Riverside, Ca –

June's update to the Drupal content management system took place on Saturday, June 8th. 

Bug Fixes 

  • List item break (white space) fix - before put spacing between sublist items. 
    list with bug
    list item break before fix
    list item update
    list item spacing after fix
  • Table Sort - The table sort and filter option now is available for the hybrid theme


Password Protected Pages

A module has been added to allow for password protected pages. This would enable passwords to be set for individual pages of websites. There is a global option, however, each page still has to be listed. The module is not enabled by default. Please contact ITS to enable the module. 

Datalayer Module

The datalayer module had to be included in the codebase to allow the Google Tag Manager module its full functionality. If your site needs the Google Tag Manager enabled, it will also need the datalayer module enabled (not enabled by default). 

New site category

The site,, has been updated to expose the topic category in the DOM for GTM purposes.