Changelog #26 - April 11 2020

Feed and CNAS theme adjustments
By Campus Web Solutions Team |

The April sprint release for Drupal is scheduled for Saturday, April 11th, starting at 6am. Please refrain from editing sites on Saturday and check TechAlerts for updates.  

Changes and Updates

  • New RSS Field (Custom RSS) for Inside UCR Awards
  • The Article Category display now closely resembles the display of Latest Articles. Some CSS was missing prior. 
  • Expanding Card content was overflowing on mobile. This has been fixed. 
  • RSS Feed vertical display has been resolved by providing an option "items per row" on the Feed custom block. 
  • XML Sitemap module now has the "Search Engines" tab available to Site Builders. This will allow builders to add their sitemap to search engines. 
  • CNAS theme updates
    • 2-column layout with basic block and image combo scaling problem to be fixed
    • Expanding card scaling after switching themes
    • Testimonial slider - alignment issues and non adjustment of height for content
    • Statistics grid colors to be changed to blue by default