Changelog #32 - October 17 2020

By Campus Web Solutions Team |

The October release is taking place on Saturday, October 17th. Please refrain from editing your sites during this time. Most of the enhancements deal with accessibility improvements and finalizing the brand on custom blocks. 


  • UCR Rebranding - Updated colors and fonts for the following custom blocks:
    • Accordions
    • Button Bar (new brand blue color option)
    • Info Card Grid
    • Statistics Grid
    • Teaser Callout
    • Dynamic Columns
  • Hybrid Theme accessibility improvements
    • "Skip to main content" link accessible when tab key is pressed
    • Aria-label and aria-labelledby usage updated across the template
    • Color contrast adjusted of top header links (A-Z Listing, Find People, etc.)
    • Removal of unnecessary role attributes on HTML5 landmarks
  • File Categorization module. Available to select departments. This module is disabled by default. 

Bug Fixes

  • Missing column layout images in Layout Builder have been re-added.
  • CNAS hero video fix applied for large screen resolutions.
  • Blurring issue resolved on the Localist Events widget when using the "Card UCR Version" template.
  • First level unordered lists in accordions custom block now have the correct visual queue in the hierarchy.