Changelog #39 - October 16 2021

Drupal 9!
By Campus Web Solutions Team |

This month’s release is scheduled to deploy to Production on Saturday, October 16, 2021 starting at 6am. It is advised to refrain from editing during the update. Please check Tech Alerts to see when the deploy has concluded. 

We've made the jump to Drupal 9! The campus will now be on Drupal Core 9.2.4 after this next release. Drupal 9 is a cleaned-up version of Drupal 8; deprecated code has been removed. This is a good time to visually check your sites. During our testing phase, a change we did encounter was how an image without a selected image style displayed on the info card grid custom block. In Drupal 8, if no image style was selected and a large image was placed within the grid, Drupal took care in fitting it to the info card. In Drupal 9, it will display the image without adjusting when displayed on regular desktop screens. Please be mindful when placing images that a smaller image style should be selected, especially when using blocks that do not span the full width. 

  • Captions on images were spanning a larger width than the images themselves as a byproduct of the last update. This has been corrected. Captions will now display the same width of the images and will wrap if necessary.

    an example of a caption with underline spanning the correct length
  • Videos embedded on a page or block through the WYSIWYG editor were rendering captions too small. If no caption was added to a video, the video would not display. This has been corrected in the update. The videos now have a fixed width of 35rem within the primary content area. 

  • Update to the chain link icon to include email matchers. Adding emails will auto add the "mailto" attribute. 

  • Added a "skip to main content" button for the CNAS Theme & UCR main website for accessibility. 

  • CNAS Theme – removal of the video subtitle rendering an empty h3. This will fix the accessibility issue displaying in Siteimprove. 

  • The "Read More” link for each article in an Article Preview and “View Event” link for an Events block will now have aria-labels instead of spans. This addresses an accessibility issue for screen readers.  

  • Font sizes for listing pages & custom blocks (Article Previews example) that were updated to use H2 have been adjusted to a more appropriate size. These sizes will be closer to what it was before updating these titles to H2s. The image displays the before and after. 

    adjusted h2 font sizes before and after