Changelog #40 - November 20 2021

Caches, feeds, and overflowing image issues resolved
By Campus Web Solutions Team |

This month’s release is scheduled to deploy to Production on Saturday, November 20th, 2021 starting at 6am. It is advised to refrain from editing during the update. Please check Tech Alerts to see when the deploy has concluded. 

Last month, we made the jump to Drupal 9! With that brought to light three issues that Campus Web Solutions has addressed and fixed for this November update.

Issue 1: Large embedded images were overflowing their container space if an appropriate image style was not applied to the image. As site editors reported this issue with their sites, there were two options for site by site fixes. The first was to update the images to have a style applied. This is always a best practice, regardless. There was also a site wide fix that could be applied to the advanced settings inline CSS within the theme. With the November update, a global fix will be applied for all sites. 

Issue 2: Cache delays. Flushing caches from the site did not always update the site when non-authenticated. This did not impact all websites or even all types of content. The editor would need to wait until a varnish cache was completed or cron was fully run on their site. This should not be the case after November 20. 

Issues 3: Feeds and article preview updates were impacted by their own caching issues. Feeds were not able to import new items. Sometimes you'd see the feed was locked. If using the Article Preview, this content would also not update. This should be functioning normally again.  

Other Bug Fixes:

  • Prevent spaces in filenames. 
    Upon uploading a file that has spaces in the name, these spaces will be replaced with hyphens.  This change will mitigate issues during encoding links in form fields within Drupal and when using the file path link. No existing files have been changed. 
  • CNAS Basic Block font dropdown. 
    When creating a basic block in the CNAS theme, an option to choose "Black Font" color was actually a dark blue, this has been updated. 


  • Accessibility - Color Contrast Not Sufficient for author/date. 
    The author and article date for the article listing pages are now a darker color to pass AA accessibility. 
  • Accessibility. Listing pages need title attributes. 
    The <a> element wrapping the article image thumbnail on a listing page has been removed. The thumbnail image is no longer a link. The link to the article will be on the title only. This resolves two accessibility issues - one occurred if the same image was used on multiple articles and the other resolves the issue of poor naming convention for the image.
  • Accessibility - change pagination H4 to span elements. 
    Paginations in listing pages are using a visually hidden label that was using an <h3> element. This has been changed to a <span> element to prevent heading hierarchy issues.
  • Accessibility - Patch to add aria labels to play buttons on embedded videos. The video play button will now have an aria-label that reads “Play video”.