Changelog #41 - December 11 2021

Last sprint release of the year!
By Campus Web Solutions Team |

This month's release is smaller in scale and is scheduled to be deployed to production on Saturday, December 11, 2021 at 6am.


  1. Add to any share alt text. The “Add to any” share button that appears on article content types now has an aria-label=”more options to share”  
  2. News. Links without text alts The social media links on the News website now have respective aria-labels. This was intended for the News profile, but the template it is using is global, so this change will be available for all sites. Alternatively, you can set custom title attributes for these in your site’s /admin/config/system/ucr-global page under Social Links.
  3. Image link with no text alts. For the News profile. Article image in the article listing page now has an aria label.
  4. Added aria-labels to site header and article titles. Replaced hidden h2 breadcrumb header with span element. Done for all profiles, I added aria-labels to site header and article titles. The default breadcrumb was using an <h2> element for a visually hidden label. I changed that to a <span> element instead.
  5. Remove target attribute from article preview titles By default, Article Previews would open articles in a new tab. Since Article Previews only display Internal Articles of the site, we decided to just let the articles open on the same window rather than open in a new tab.
  6. Adjust line height spacing to header and footer. For default and Hybrid themes
    Line height is below minimum value on organizational name, slogan, footer address, tel, email lines. Adjusted to 1.5 from 1.365
  7. Fixed video display issues in CNAS theme. Some embedded videos were still spilling over parent containers especially if the parent container is an accordion or a dynamic column.