May 2023 Sprint Release

Update by ORG week of May 15th
By Campus Web Solutions |

The next sprint release for Drupal websites will take place the week of May 15th. Organizational managers will be emailed prior to the date of their assigned update. This will cover all Pantheon hosted Drupal sites under that organization. The updates will run after 5:30pm. It is recommended that people refrain from editing the evening of their planned sprint release. 

The following changes and enhancements will be made:

  • CTA Module timeout
    The Call to Action custom block would time out if external code such as javascript or when an image wasn't properly uploaded was added into the block. This issue has been resolved. However, it is good practice to keep any custom block minimal and always upload images into the library first. 
  • Add search field on site search results page
    Once a visitor began searching for results, it would take them to a page but that page didn't have a place to refine the original search result. Now, the search results page will have a field to refine searches. 
    search results page with field to refine search
  • Pagination on "/articles" (this includes all article types) to display number of pages
    The pagination on article type listing pages would show the page number the visitor was on but leave out how many pages total. It will now display both. 
    pagination display
  • Accessibility: Text-transform uppercase on slogan removed
    Due to the flagging of this issue in Siteimprove, ITS and University Relations decided to remove the text-transform on the slogan. The slogan will now display how it is typed in. 
  • Accessibility: Organizational name to use span tag
    The organizational name at the top of default theme sites was being flagged for the text-transform uppercase in Siteimprove because it was using a <p> tag. This has been changed to a span tag. 
  • Accessibility: Links in bottom footer to use https
    There were a couple links in the footer not using "https", this has been corrected. 

In addition to the May Sprint Release, there has been an ongoing effort of transitioning all Pantheon hosted Drupal sites to the next iteration of Google Analytics, known as GA4. All sites will have two specific GA4 codes applied. This process is ongoing, however just about completed. For more information about the transition to GA4 on our Google Analytics page