July 2023 Release

Enhanced Feeds Display and Accessibility
By Campus Web Solutions |

The July 2023 Drupal update took place on July 13th, after business hours. With a more streamlined process of pushing code to all the sites, these updates will take less time and no longer need to be released during the weekends. 

Changes in this release


Several accessibility enhancements have been addressed. 

  • The Social icon UL container on the CNAS Theme: This element used to display as "empty" when no icons were displayed, rather than the removal of the UL when not in use.
  • Social Media container on CNAS Theme: The H2 element wrapped around social media icons has been replaced with the aria-label on the nav element. 
  • Image alt text for map in footer: Some sites elected to display an image of the campus map in their footer which would link to the campus map. The alt text had the words "image of", which is not an acceptable alt text. This verbiage has been removed and now reads "View campus map". 
  • Pagination uses a heading: On listing pages, the pagination section used an H4. When titles are H2, this skipped H3 and breaks the hierarchy of the page. The h4 on the pagination has been replaced with a span element.
  • Search font color: The "search" placeholder text in the search field did not pass enhanced contrast ratio. The "search" font color is now a darker tone (#b4001f). 

Feeds Display

For better usability, the Feeds Display custom block has been restructured to separate the use of either a single feed or multiple feeds. Now, editors will have the options in two distinct tabs. If opting for a feed display for only one feed, the "Single Feed" tab fields will need to be populated. If opting for a feed display that will display multiple feeds together (either merged or delineated by title), the "Multiple Feeds" tab fields will need to be populated. Please keep in mind that filling out both will display BOTH options. 

Single feed options for feed display
Display of Single Feed options
Multiple feeds option for feed display
Display for Multiple Feeds options


News Profile

The News profile was displaying the social media icons as ovals. This has been fixed to display as circles. The Gutenberg Module, requested by University Relations, has also been added as a module but not enabled. This will need further testing.