August 2023 Release

Drupal core, IDs, FAQs, news, and more
By Campus Web Solutions |

The August deployment to Drupal sites in Pantheon will take place on August 31st at 6pm and continue at 6pm on Friday, September 1st. Changes going into this month's release include bug fixes, enhancements, and accessibility improvements. 

  • Drupal Core update from version 9.2.15 to 9.5.9. This is in preparation for the move to Drupal 10.

  • Image Loading "Lazy" option is available and selected by default when adding images using the star icon in the WYSIWYG editor. This will improve performance by "lazily" loading the images using this designation. 

    Loading lazy or eager options
  • Accordion IDs have been updated so that the title (clickable region) and the content (expanded region) will have two different ID names instead of sharing the ID name. IDs need to be unique and this will satisfy accessibility criteria. 

  • Accordion IDs and Tab IDs will now only take a maximum 30 characters from the title, excluding punctuation. Hyphens replace any spaces. These are denoted in the browser after the page path starting with "#". If using one of these IDs as anchor links, they will need to be updated. 

  •  FAQ Content Type headings that are used for categories were H4s and causing hierarchical issues with headers. These have been changed to H2s. 

  • The FAQ form field to filter and search now have the "for" label element. These appear on the /faqs page for those using that content type.

  • On tablets, or small displays, there was an issue with the outline buttons options. There was a visible line around the text in addition to the outline of the box. This has been corrected. 

  • News Profile (for News, Inside UCR, etc.) change:
    The listing pages display a thumbnail image next to the title and short description for each article on that listing page. Before this update, the thumbnail and the title were separate clickable links taking the visitor to the same location. This was causing a couple different accessibility issues and confusion. The template was fixed for these listing pages so that now there is one link around the whole container that will take the visitor to the article.

  • On media document pages, the H1 element was missing and causing an accessibility flag. Document pages now have the H1 element. 

  • Prioritize "skip to main":
    The "skip to main" button on all UCR's Drupal sites would display first unless an alert with clickable actions was placed in the notification region. "Skip to main" is now prioritized no matter what content is placed where.

  • Profiles application and CSS:
    The Profiles application contains embed codes that can be used in other sites. One of the options when curating that embed code is to provide an external stylesheet URL. The CNAS Theme had a stylesheet (cnas-profiles.css) that ceased working. The CSS styles in that stylesheet has been updated to reflect changes to Profiles and should now reflect those styles if used.