November 2023 Release

Accessibility improvements and RSS Feeds display on News articles
By Campus Web Solutions |

The November deployment to Drupal sites in Pantheon will take place on November 6th through November 9th. Sites will undergo this deployment after business hours. Changes going into this month's release include accessibility improvements for known color contrast and aria label issues at the template level. An enhancement for the News and InsideUCR website to display feeds will hopefully make it easier to distinguish between tagging and custom RSS. 

Accessibility Improvements

  • Improved color contrast for breadcrumbs:
    The breadcrumb color will change from #78909c to #0a0a0a. The link color will change from #F4002B to #B4001F. 
    breadcrumbs new color
  • Improved color contrast for accordions:
    The accordion's title color will now be set to the brand blue color. 
    accordion new color
  • Aria attribute unsupported or prohibited:
    On Article Preview custom blocks, there were aria-labels on the "Read More" div that were giving an accessibility flag. This was fixed to remove the label and having the whole article preview one clickable entity. 
    Article preview example
  • Skip to Main option button:
    An adjustment has been made to the "skip to main" option when using keyboard or assistive technology so that it will continue to display while scrolling until activated or tabbed away. 
    skip to main button

 Bug Fixes

  • Bubble Image Style:
    The style that made an image into a circle stopped working due to how Drupal was rendering embedded entities. This has been corrected and the bubble image style should display as desired. Please note that while in the editor the circle style will not display. 
  • CNAS Theme sorting on listing pages:
    The tags listing pages have been updated to sort properly and remove the double horizontal lines. 


The News and InsideUCR websites have RSS feeds and a tagging structure. These are actually two separate ways to identify an article. The display of "tags" have been visible on an individual article. These were often confused for existing feeds (RSS) that could be embedded into other websites. To mitigate confusion, for both authors of articles and editors of other sites who use these feeds, both "tags" and "feeds" are now displayed on individual articles. Tags can be used to look for specific articles under News or InsideUCR, RSS Feeds can be displayed as feed previews in other Drupal sites.  

Tags and RSS feeds