Siteimprove Health Check Session

In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) held on May 16th, sign up for a Siteimprove health check session! These sessions will be conducted by Campus Web Solutions in ITS, not a Siteimprove representative. 

Who should sign up? 
Anyone who reads reports in Siteimprove can sign up! This "health check" is intended to help individuals and teams navigate Siteimprove and combat accessibility issues. You can be newer to Siteimprove and only have begun monitoring your sites in which case the session would be tailored to dashboard use and learning how to navigate Siteimprove. Or, perhaps you have been making a lot of progress and have questions on new guidelines or see a new crop of issues popping up, then the session can cater to trying to understand and resolve those new issues.  

Multiple people can attend but only one person for the site or umbrella of sites (under a department for example) will need to sign up. 

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Provide an outline of what you would like to cover in the Siteimprove Health Check Session. Are you a beginner or advanced user of the tool? 
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