Basic Block

The Basic block allows you to create a block with a title and body text. The fields are identical to the initial creation of a basic page. However, there may be times you need basic content below some other custom blocks. Using the basic block achieves this solution. 

To create a Basic block

  1. From the admin toolbar panel, navigate to Structure ->Block Layout -> Custom Block Library
  2. Click on the +Add custom block button.
  3. From the list of available blocks, click on Basic block.
  4. Configure the available options (outlined below).
  5. By default, the block is in draft and will not display to those viewing the site, only to authenticated (logged in) users. Once you are ready for the updates to publish, change the state to "Published". 
  6. Click Save to finish.

Configure your Basic block

Available options include:

  • Block description - (required) - A brief description of your block
  • Body - (optional) - a full WYISWYG content area to add your text
  • Revision information  - any time you make an update to this block it's recommended that you include a brief description of the change.

Add Basic Block to a Basic Page

  1. Open a Basic Page previously created by clicking on the content's title that you want to display the basic block. 
  2. In the view where Panelizer is displayed, click on "Manage Content"
  3. Select "Custom"
  4. Find the block description of the basic block created and click on the block. 
  5. Optionally display the title when placed on the page. You can also update the text of the displayed title.
  6. Select the region of the page to display the block (by default, it will be added to "Content")
  7. Click Add

The basic block has now been added to the selected region of your page. This block can be placed on multiple pages. Follow the instructions above or for Site Builders, you can use block placement to add a basic block to multiple nodes at once.