January 2023 Sprint release!

First update in Pantheon
By Campus Web Solutions |

ITS Campus Web Solutions is happy to announce that our first bulk update to all Drupal sites will take place in January. Sites will be split into two batches. If you are curious to know when your site will be updated with the latest features, please either reach out to your site manager or open a request with Campus Web Solutions

First batch of sites will be updated on Saturday, January 21st starting at 6am. Second batch of sites will be updated on Saturday, January 28th starting at 6am

New Features! 

Video Headers

Video headers will now support Yuja videos using a permalink (links that don't change). As you may be aware, newer Vimeo links were not supported with the HTML5 tag that was previously used. Allowing Yuja permalink videos will enable departments to maintain their own header videos. Yuja accounts are free. Learn more about how to use Yuja videos in headers on Drupal sites

Merged Feeds

Drupal sites will now support combined, or merged, feeds internally! Previously, when a site editor wanted to combine multiple feeds into one display, they would need to use a third party RSS. With the update, an enhancement has been made to the existing Feeds Display custom block that will now provide options to include multiple feeds. There is no change to the way you were adding feed sources to the site, the enhancement simply allows you to select any number of those feeds using the feed display custom block.