Understanding Content Types

A single web site can contain many types of content, such as informational pages, news items, surveys, blog posts, academic program listings, etc. In Drupal, each item of content is called a node, and each node belongs to a single content type, which defines various default settings for nodes of that type. 

ITS has provided campus with various content types. Most content types are structured with form fields and display in a certain way. The Basic Page content type is more of a "freeform" content type. 

Current content types


Individual Article Example

Articles are generally used for information that is updated more frequently and often cross-referenced and categorized (such as news items or resources). By default, Articles are sorted with the most recent post at the top. There are three article types to choose from: News, Blog Post, and Press Release. Selecting the type will determine how the article is filtered and where the list view is located. 

Articles have four list views: all articles, news listing view, blog post listing view, and press release view. The display of these listing views are based off the default profile theme. The individual page, or node, of any article will also display a certain way based off the default profile theme.

More about the Article Content Type

Basic page

The Basic page content type is used for static content that can (but are not required to) be linked into the main navigation bar. This is one of the most "basic" content types and can be very flexible. Basic pages can have any custom block component placed on this content type. Basic pages can also be changed for multiple column layouts.

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People Profile

The People Profile content type is specifically for faculty or staff profiles. These profiles do not pull from any other system (edir/ldap, etc.), this is static content entered in with various fields on your site. Any profile created will be added to the list view dynamically. A People Profile has set fields and a set look and feel. 

More about the People Profile content type 


The Event page content type is a simple variation on an event notice. An event listing will dynamically appear in your site if you decide to create any Event pages. This is a simple event listing solution so, if you need something more robust, users are welcome to include the campus' Localist system instead. Internally created events will NOT show in Localist, these are two different ways to create events.

More about the Event Content Type

Local Galleria

The Galleria content type will allow you to display a collection of images in an album. Every Local Galleria content type created will create a separate album. Optionally, a "teaser" view for a galleria can be created as a custom block and be placed on any basic page. 

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